Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh my goodness...what have they done to the house I grew up in? What you cannot see is the junked car in front of the one at the bottom of the driveway. And all of the things thrown onto the lower patio. I can only imagine what the inside looks like. This is NOT the way it looked before it was sold in the late 80s...I gues you can never go back!


goodyrlg said...

I had a lot of fond memories of that house especially during my college years. I knew I could get great food and company :) Bob G

Liliana said...

UHHHH,our home...,it really was nicer when we lived there. But still, it brings me unforgettable memories!!

Lori Feldman said...

Lili- this picture makes it almost look okay...it is REALLY icky!